Website Development

Elements Of  Website Development
Can you think of your car or your clothing without any specific design? Never, it is something which gives personality, a touch of perfection to any object.On internet, website is a strong media to express your ideas to millions and millions of people around the globe. So a website should be visually appealing to the people at a single glance so that it can attract more visitors.

There are two elements Of  Website Development, the pictorial and text items. The former includes banner, menus, buttons etc… The latter is about the information, links, titles and keywords.

A banner is like a letter head. There are some general rules for selection of color themes for website development. Black color is an indication of money, power, mystery and sophistication. Red denotes alertness and love. White is used as a background to create contrast and it’s a symbol simplicity and truth.

While dealing with commercial aspects of Website Development you have to be more careful. A wrong mismatch look on your sales button will keep many customers away from you. Quality of graphics has a great influence.

Another serious matter to be considered during Website Development is the easiness with which the site can be accessed. It should not take long time to load on a browser. My suggestion is to use graphics with small file size and optimize your server speed. Very long flash videos and animations should be avoided. Remember, people are not patient.

There are many professionals who make attractive templates for website development. We need to fill only text items while seeking professional assistance. But, be sharp to choose a creative theme, depending on the purpose. An illustrative logo on top is a plus point. Update the contents frequently to create an impression of timeliness and credibility.

SEO (search engine optimisation) and increasing traffic is another arena of our subject to be addressed at the initial stages of website development. Optimisation is needed to improve the ranking of your website in search engines like Google. They have programs which crawl around internet to collect information.

It is a good idea to give due importance to keyword density at the initial stages of website development. Keyword determines your ranking in a particular search context. It should be relevant to the content of your page and contain a rich density on the target page. Special attention is needed to keep the reader interest on the content.

Create links with special focus on home page. Reciprocal links are connecting two sites dealing with the same subject, and are placed as a part of mutual agreement. Search Engines take this as criteria for ranking.

Advertisement is a good source of income for a good content with high traffic. But, it is better to avoid inappropriate ugly ads which are spoiling visual appeal. Input box should be user friendly.
Using many popup windows will be a negative point. An ordinary user will not tolerate to travel a series of pages to download his favorite content. Put direct and short pathways for download using most appropriate links while Website Development. Orient your pages and subpages looking on content. Remember, a mere formidable array will not make a sense.